Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Down Time!

This "Snow Break" has been a welcomed treat at our house.  Sometimes we just need a little time to slow down and relax.  I had a house full of teenagers for a while, but then we all spent the next few days enjoying the time off.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A New School Year Approaching

And. . .we are off!  Ten years later, I still get all excited for a new school year.  This years theme?  Happy Days in 2nd Grade

Friday, July 17, 2015

Brandon's Day

Brandon's day out with me and the camera (and Andy and Grangran). 

A Night at the Ryman

Chris and I bought tickets to see Dailey and Vincent at the Ryman for Andy's birthday.  The concert was last night and he had a blast!  Andy's Uncle Wade is friends with one of the fiddle players who happened to be helping out a little at the concert last night so we were able to meet him beforehand and spend some time talking to him about bluegrass music.  Dailey and Vincent is his favorite band and as a mother I am thrilled of his choice of music and musicians to admire.  They put on a very classy and clean concert, complete with several gospel songs (which were my favorite).  We  had a great time and I hope Andy has a night of memories to cherish forever!

Andy Suttle and Andy Leftwich (fiddle player for Ricky Skaggs)

Guitar and Bass player who perform in my kitchen on a regular basis!  They are awesome!

Andy sure does love his Grandad!  So glad they were able to enjoy this together!